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Helping Small Businesses

Small business is the backbone to many communities. Our circle of care extends to businesses and we provide the same monetary management strategy services through a sensible and customized plan.

No matter the stage or age of your business — a startup or in the growth period; One Charles team is dedicated in advising, providing access and support for your business goals. Most One Charles clients have built their wealth through a successful small business and we take pride in our commitment to foster the growth and success of each one we have helped.

Financial Services and Management

Running a small business can be complex — from finances, asset management, expense management, and right down to secure document storage. All these tasks add up, taking up valuable time you could spend elsewhere. That is where One Charles comes in. Here are just a few things we offer for businesses:

Real Estate

We partner with you to advise on the best avenue for either purchasing or leasing real estate for your business; and we also guide you through tenant leasing and management.

Business Formation Consulting

How your business is structured is important and with proper structuring, will provide a wealth of benefits depending on your situation. Things to consider in how you structure your business are:

If you are a small business owner, having this structure offers the benefits of simplicity as everything revolves around you as the owner.

An LLC is easy for business owners to have access to and provides protection for the owner as they are treated as a separate entity from the business.

Depending on each situation, one corporation may be more advantageous than the other. At One Charles, we consult with you to address the pros and cons of each.

Cash & Risk Management

No matter the stage of your business, acquiring debt to grow, build and expand can be executed within your strategy for long term equitable growth.

Through our strategic alliances – If your business requires financing, we provide sources for those needs.

To put you in the driver’s seat in acquiring financing, it is best to know your company’s valuation for taxes, selling or adding a partner.

It is important to factor in how any financial moves each year will impact your tax liability. We partner with you and your accountant to plan for any taxable events.

Employee Corporate Retirement
Planning and Management

Today it is important for employees to have access to benefits within their compensation packages. One Charles can bring our circle of care to your employees with access, management, and devising employee benefits.

When your company’s livelihood depends on a key employee, it is imperative to provide benefits to those individuals to reduce the cost and stress of having to replace them.

At some point you will want to transfer control to someone else either for retirement or so you can move on to other opportunities. With our assistance, you can turn over your business with a smooth transition.

When the time comes, you will have an exit strategy that works on your timeline and a unique method that is best for you.

From beginning to the end, we are with you throughout the journey.

Let’s connect so we can share our passion of helping others and you can see for yourself the benefits of One Charles boutique approach in business strategy.

Full Comprehensive Financial Review

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