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High Net Worth
Executive Solutions

Many of our clients have had successful careers in an executive role with several fortune 500 companies. As wonderful as that can be, the benefits and wealth management for executives can be cumbersome to navigate.

We provide custom solutions for the company and executives, including stock options, retirement plans and pensions. Our firm has expertise in several specific areas:

Company Stock & Retirement Options

Full-service planning and assistance with employee benefits. Adding benefits for your employees’ compensation and benefits packages can save you the time and cost of turnover while your company attracts and retains quality employees.

Company Offerings

  • Stock option planning (NQ’s and ISO’s)- A fantastic way to motivate employees and other consultants for your business.
  • Management of concentrated stock positions.

Executive Consulting

We help you take the guesswork out of planning additional options for employees or yourself through an evaluation of stock options and pensions.

As an executive with an extensive compensation package, we can evaluate and guide you through the decision-making process on additional compensation and benefits your company offers. If your benefits package includes more than a 401(k), you may have questions about how additional benefits will factor into your future. You also may want to know the potential tax liabilities. We help devise the best strategies for income distribution from an executive’s company benefits plan.

  • Non-qualified deferred compensation planning.
  • Coordination with your trusted tax professional to personalize a tax-efficient distribution method of your corporate retirement benefits plan
  • Restricted Stock Unit (RSU) planning
  • Assistance with 144 stock options.
  • Prepaid forward contracts for optimizing tax liabilities and investment diversification.
  • Collaring concentrated stock positions for downside risk protection

Full Comprehensive Financial Review

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