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Preservation of Your Wealth

Regardless of what stage of life you are in, it is understandable to have a concern in how your retirement and assets will be affected throughout the accumulation period.

One Charles will provide professional, informative, and useful advice while managing your portfolio. Our approach is initiative-taking and methodical to deliver comprehensive financial reporting to stay on track in managing your financial health.

Collaboration with
your Trusted Advisors

We take a cohesive approach in ongoing asset management. We do this by integrating trusted members of your financial team and family members. Our process in wealth management includes:

  • Members of your bank and custodians
  • Your accountant
  • Attorneys that handle your estate and business affairs.
  • Insurance agents
  • Real Estate

Financial Education

One Charles cares about not just educating you — we assist by sharing the same knowledge and expertise with other members of your family.

With the complexities of wealth management and sharing pertinent information, we strive to simplify this aspect. We schedule worthwhile meetings to enhance your family’s life with our full circle of care. When you collaborate with us, you are not on your own.

Educational Meetings

  • Finance and wealth literacy
  • Communicating Wealth

Value Meetings

  • Engaging family youth and other family members
  • Mission Statements
  • Philanthropy to share with your favorite charity

Family Governance

Education is the key for best decision-making practices. For those family members that are going to be a part of wealth management decisions, it is important for them to be a part of the processes.

Estate Planning &
Analysis & Charitable Giving

One Charles is passionate about preservation of your wealth and defining marked strategies to transfer wealth on a tax favorable basis. We consider your current situation and the future potential challenges that come with wealth transfer to your estate, heirs and charities.

If philanthropy is important to you, we want you to know One Charles shares this passion as we are enthusiastic about giving back. Our strategies include planning assistance so you can give back to your community, charities and foundations that matter most.

Succession Planning

Have you thought about who will take your place in managing your business? Just as it is important for you to engage in proper estate planning, the same applies to your business. 

What about the steps needed to transfer the assets? Who should take over leadership responsibilities?

There are several steps in succession planning and ensuring each step is appropriately measured and executed. Not doing so can mean the difference between a thriving business or one that becomes marked with emotional consequences, failed business, loss of employee faith and broken family ties. Sometimes, the lack of planning and execution brings legal challenges. 

This is where we can help and work alongside CPAs and your legal advisors for valuation, estate and succession planning.

Full Comprehensive Financial Review

Let us give you a second opinion on your financial life